Easy Fundraising Raffle

Raise More. Spend Less.

Complete Raffle Solution

Easily create a raffle website.  Sell tickets and track online and offline sales.  Run all your raffle activities out of a single, secure hub using built-in marketing and management tools.

Unlimited Raffle Ticket Packages

Built-in Email & Social Marketing

Secure Payment Processing

Mobile-Friendly Raffle Website

Real-Time Dashboards & Reports

Free Hosting & Support

No Nonsense Pricing

A lot of providers charge a “platform fee” of 5% or more PLUS credit card processing fees.  They might also nickle and time you for secure hosting and other “features”.  With Big River, we give you everything you need at a simple, straightforward price.



One-time setup

5% + 20¢


Transaction Fee

(Includes CC Processing)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my organization get its money?

We provide you with your own merchant account and payment gateway.  Funds are batch deposited directly into your bank account every 24 hours.

Can I integrate with my domain?

Sure thing.  We can easily accommodate domain masking and layout customization, just contact us to let us know.

Do we get the donor data?

Of course!  You get real-time dashboards and robust out-of-the box reporting.  Need something special?  Custom reports and database integrations are available.

How do buyers get their tickets?

Those who buy tickets online will receive their ticket stubs as an attachment to the automated receipt email that is sent after purchase.

Am I charged for offline ticket sales entered into the system?

No.  Transaction fees apply only to tickets sold online.

Is my raffle website mobile-friendly?

Absolutely!  Your page looks great no matter what device a person is using.

Is it secure?

Yes!  Big River maintains PCI DSS compliance so you and your donors can rest assured that your data is safe.

Can the design be customized to match my brand?

By default, your page will be branded with your logo.  Want more customization in terms of colors and web styles?  No problem, just let us know.

What if I sell tickets offline too?

Most organizations sell raffle tickets both online and off.  If you like, you can enter offline ticket sales into Big River to track all sales in a single place and generate consolidated reporting.  When ticket sales are closed, you can batch print ticket stubs for all your online sales and add them to the hopper with your offline stubs.

Can I add a video to my raffle page?

Yes!  You can add video, images or text to your page in any configuration.  All content is added using our easy editor.  If you can user Microsoft Word, then you can create a great looking raffle page!