Big River Crowdfunding

Fundraise Better

Innovative Features

Easy Page Design

If you can use Word, then you can build a great-looking campaign page that uses images, stories & videos to grab the attention of your audience & boost engagement & giving.

Impact Stories

Augment your campaign page with short multi-media story cards.  Demonstrate impact and success in a format that inspires sharing & organically broadens your reach.

Communication Center

Your built-in communication center is populated with pre-configured content.  Customize as-needed, then import your lists & start promoting your page.

Built-in Dashboard

Monitor your progress to goal in real time.  See at a glance who has given and who has yet to respond to appeals for support.  Need to get data out?  It’s easy with one-click exports.

Big River doesn’t charge credit card processing fees.

Lower Cost

We assess a flat 5% + 20¢ platform fee on all donations received.  We don’t need pages of fine print to explain our pricing plan. It’s simple and straightforward.

Oh, and you have the option to ask donors to cover fees, or to automatically pass those fees on to donors. (In our experience over 80% of donors will choose to cover fees when asked.)

Our rates are lower than all of our top competitors!

Big River

Credit Card Fees
Platform Fees
5% + 20¢

5% + 20¢


Credit Card Fees

Platform Fees



Credit Card Fees
2.9% + $0.30

Platform Fees

7.9% + $0.30


Credit Card Fees
2.0% + $0.30

Platform Fees

6.9% + $0.30


Credit Card Fees
2.9% + $0.30

Platform Fees

7.9% + $0.30

“The Big River team was AWESOME to us before, during and after our first crowdfunding campaign! They are so knowledgeable and give excellent customer service when you have questions or need help. The advice they provided was invaluable and it felt like they were an extension of our team — not just a company providing a service. Thanks, Big River!”

Christine Hockman

Director of Resources, Marketing and Communication / Great Lakes Biomimicry

What is the Big River Advantage?

Aside from WAY lower pricing


Protect Your Brand

Typical crowdfunding websites host pages for many different organizations and causes.  A supporter searching for your campaign might see it squeezed between a campaign raising funds to produce an indy film and another asking for help to pay a child’s medical bills.

With Big River, your campaign pages are hosted independently, not published alongside other campaigns.


Own The Entire Experience

All email content is fully configurable to make sure you’re communicating to your donors in your voice, and all email are sent from your organization’s email address. Charges on donor credit card statements are attributed to you, not WePay or some generic payment processor.

Best of all, all the donor data is yours and the funds are deposited directly into your account.

See How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my organization get its money?

We provide you with your own merchant account and payment gateway.  Funds are batch deposited directly into your bank account every 24 hours.

What if we don’t hit our fundraising goal?

No problem.  All money raised is yours.  We never penalize you for setting an ambitious goal!

Do we get the donor data?

Of course!  You can extract all contact details and gift records with a single click.

Is my campaign mobile-friendly?

Absolutely!  Layouts are configured to look good no matter what device a donor is using.

Is it secure?

Yes!  Big River maintains PCI DSS compliance so you and your donors can rest assured that your data Is safe.

How does the free trial work?

Create a free account and get immediate access to all the tools you need to create a killer crowdfunding campaign.  You don’t pay anything until donations start rolling in at which point we collect 5% + $0.20 of any transactions where fees are not covered by donors.